Fourth Dimension Records: a label that Adverse Effect editor/publisher Richo has operated since 1984, when he took it over from Gary Levermore of Third Mind Records. It continues to produce physical format releases by, essentially, groups and artists Richo likes and respects. They mostly happen to be those found in music’s margins, however. Over the years, the label has released material by artists as diverse as Circle, K.K. Null,  Ascension, Thurston Moore, Clair Obscur, Splintered, Goem, Sleaford Mods, Cindytalk, Kleistwahr, Portion Control,  Contrastate, Rake, Richard Youngs, KakofoNIKT, Theme, Sashash Ulz and EXTNDDNTWRK, amongst others. It also operates a small mail order service.

Lumberton Trading Company: originally set up by Richo and Hassni Malik in 2005 with a view to being a collaborative label, Hassni ceased being involved within 2 years and Richo decided to continue with it, believing and hoping it would become a slightly more ‘professional’ counterpart to FD Records. The releases have included those by Experimental Audio Research, Glass Out, Cindytalk, Hannis Brown, Michael Gira,  Volga, Sion Orgon, Thighpaulsandra, Nick Mott, Theme (with Jean-herve Peron and Zsolt Sores), Brian Conniffe and more.

re:source: an online forum mostly dedicated to artists and labels based in Central and Eastern Europe. It additionally promotes occasional concerts in Krakow, Poland, and hosts an annual festival held in this city in December. The second such festival will be held on 4/5/6 December 2014 and the artists confirmed so far include Ramleh, Gaap Kvlt, Micromelancolie, Kleistwahr, Sympli Romatiko, JFK and KakofoNIKT. Please visit this (entirely English language) website for further information concerning this and other events.


The following links are to those labels, artists, etc. we happen to like. Please support them.

Cold Spring (record label and mail order outlet run by the lovely Justin & Jo Mitchell):

Dirter (great label operated by a good friend, Steve Pittis):

Mathka (fantastic Polish label also operated by a close friend):

Progress Report (online magazine run by David Bourgoin, who is also responsible for the Irrational Arts imprint and is the man behind Another Headache. Richo also occasionally contributes reviews here…):









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