Adverse Effect began in 2000, following the demise of Grim Humour fanzine several years before. The same as its predecessor, it is dedicated to music, films, literature and art generally emanating from those less explored or documented areas of contemporary culture whilst, at the same time, it remains open to supporting those who have equally impacted on us over the years.

Until early 2019 there had not been a physical version of the magazine since 2005. The early 2019 edition was published in a limited run of 300 which has now completely sold out. It featured pieces on or by Dieter Muh, Mahler Haze, Edward Ka-Spel and others, plus many pages of reviews. Another edition will appear in 2021, too, but should be bigger and bolder. In the meantime, however, this online space aims to both at least tie up some loose ends gathered during the interim and create a platform for material the physical version simply will not have room for.

News on the next physical magazine will appear soon in the appropriate section. In the meantime, however, please keep visiting here. More reviews and features will be added.

Review material (music, books and films) is also welcome, but please note that we do not have time for links and downloads. Only physical formats are welcome. Due to a daily deluge of emails, links simply get lost or left behind. Additionally, we are ‘old school’ and enjoy the whole experience of seeing how the music is presented, savouring the artwork, reading the notes (away from a screen), and so on. We can also sell those releases we don’t wish to keep to help fund the next physical magazine.  It cannot be made clearer than this.

We are open to all kinds of mostly non-mainstream music here, although do not necessarily have a problem with all of that either. The focus, more broadly, is on music from the realms of post-punk, improvisation, electronica, post-industrial, electroacoustic, avant-jazz, outsider folk, DIY, and so on. Vinyl, CDs and cassettes are accepted and will be reviewed here or in the physical magazine.

You can send any material to the following address:


Michala Bobrzynskiego 11/23

30-348 Krakow


You can also email here: richo_j@hotmail.com

No unsolicited material will be published, although more people interested in contributing to Adverse Effect are welcome to get in touch. There is no payment, but you will get some CDs or whatever to review if desired. Feel free to suggest a feature you might wish to contribute, too. Thanks.

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