Adverse Effect Back Issues

Adverse Effect (Volume III) #2: Winter 2004/2005 Edition. Featured Peter Hammill, Whitehouse, Devendra Banhart, David Tibet, Mark Ramsden, James B. Hollands, Paul Bradley, Andrew Liles, What Is Music? festival, fiction, reviews and “psychotic blather”. SOLD OUT

Adverse Effect (Volume III) #1: Spring 2003 Edition. Featured Sonic Youth, Co. Caspar, Will Sergeant (Echo & the Bunnymen), Pimmon, Cornucopia, Frans de Waard, SR Meixner and others. Also came with a CD, fdsixtyfive, on Fourth Dimension Records, including mostly exclusive contributions from Co. Caspar, Band Of Pain (Theme remix), Stylus, Ektroverde, Dual, i:wound, Weird As Fish (Will Sergeant), Storm Bugs, Zenial and srmeixner. SOLD OUT

Adverse Effect (Volume II) #5: Summer 2002 Edition. Featured Michael Gira/Angels Of Light,  Frans de Waard, Roger Doyle, Amongst the Dust, Anthony Di Franco, reviews and much more. “Another source of mindless information, petrified facts meaning very little to anybody outside socially stunted imbeciles, plus some size ten hangover remedies, primed almost perfectly for the modern cynic.” SOLD OUT

Adverse Effect (Volume II) #4: Autumn 2000 edition. Featured Contrastate,  Thomas Brinkmann, J.G. Ballard, Ektroverde and “an overwhelming number of music, movie and book reviews.” With excellent Graham Lambkin front cover art. SOLD OUT

Preceding Adverse Effect were the 18 editions of Grim Humour. This was published between 1983 and 1995. The number system of AE continued from where GH finished, thus indicating nothing more than a name change.

A new physical format edition of Adverse Effect magazine is in the works and, indeed, long overdue.

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