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It has been over 12 years since the last physical edition of Adverse Effect magazine was published, in 2005. Another such edition has been long overdue and, indeed, material for it has been gathered during the past 2 or 3 years and is essentially assembled and almost now ready to publish. A gathering of loose ends, if you like, that include interviews with Edward Ka-Spel, Richard Youngs, another ‘Amongst the Dust’ round-up of obscure punk/krautrock/psychedelia/weirdo records, Alice Kemp, Michael Begg (Human Greed), Dieter Muh, Mahler Haze and a whole slew of other odds and ends. One of the reasons this project has met so many stumbling blocks is that an accompanying compilation CD was initially planned, but there simply isn’t the funding here for this and the best and only way to get the mag out is to simply focus on that alone. Once this collection of odds and sods is published, another such magazine can proceed, perhaps with the compilation CD or even some vinyl…but let’s not run ahead. The magazine itself will still cost the same even without the initially planned CDr compilation, anyway, and it is hoped that it can be published finally in January 2019 (two years later than initially anticipated) and all the pre-orders will be obliged soon after.

Another reason for the continued delay is that in addition to likewise operating Fourth Dimension Records and Lumberton Trading Company (and having ‘normal’ work commitments) I have been working on a book dedicated to Ramleh for the past two or three years or so. A huge interview forms the latter’s centrepiece, but this is complemented by not only contributions from others about the group but also numerous other asides and a discography that includes anecdotes, reviews and more. It is hoped this will be ready to publish (by Timeless Editions) in spring 2019. Additionally, the first of two book volumes dedicated to Grim Humour ‘zine will also be published during early 2019. More news on everything soon.

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