Grim Humour fanzine

A book collecting  some of the highlights and lowlights of Grim Humour fanzine was finally published in September 2020. Gathering material selected from the first ten editions then re-edited and expanded on as well as reprinted original pages and some bonus features, the book has been very well received and virtually sold out of its first edition by December the same year. Consequently, a second edition might well appear in late 2021 should the demand warrant it. In the meantime, however, work on the second book is presently underway. It will be dedicated to issues 11 to 18 (the final one) and although will follow a similar format to the first book it promises to have far more pages. It is hoped this will be announced for pre-ordering in spring 2021. Please email for updates, check in on the BigCartel shop (linked below), or look for news here. As with the first book, all those who pre-order it will be given a credit in the book as well.

magazine dedicated to culture's generally more nefarious corners

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